NetKnight Hockey Shooter Tutor Design:

This is not a standard shooter tutor. It is a robotic shooter tutor that can connect to your smartphone. The system opens one panel at a time so the shooter needs to be looking up in order to score. Learning how to shoot with your head up will drastically increase your odds of scoring. We are currently developing the app so that players can compete with each other and see who has the best shot. 

Shooter Tutor Component List:  

  • Ballistic Nylon Shell: 2 Ballistic Nylon tarps house the moving internal components.

  • High Density Plastic Components: Made out of similar material to actual hockey boards, these components are built to last.

  • BLUETOOTH Circuit Card: Allows you to control the system from your SMARTPHONE. Turn the system On/Off using the circuit card manufacturers stock app. This allows the user, parent, coach or friend to freeze a panel open and alter the timing of continuous mode.

  • High Strength Mounting Hardware

  • Power: Battery or Wall Outlet. Last for hours on 8 AA batteries (3 hour minimum, up to 6+ hours if the user is constantly starting and stopping the motor to freeze panels open) so you’ll have plenty of juice if you use this during practice or a pickup game. If you’re just training in your driveway then you can plugin to a standard 120V AC wall outlet.