Start Training Right with the NetKnight™


A high quality Smartphone controlled HOCKEY shooter tutor that allows players to practice in their driveway or on the ice. Great for any player that wants to fine tune their skills from beginner to expert. Using a smartphone the user can control how quickly the shooter tutor opening changes and even hold one spot open for as long as they want. This forces the shooter to always keep their eyes up while shooting, just like they need to in a game.




NetKnight SPECS:

  • Ballistic Nylon Shell: 2 Ballistic Nylon tarps house the moving internal components.

  • High Density Plastic Components: Made out of similar material to actual hockey boards, these components are built to last.

  • BLUETOOTH Circuit Card: Allows you to control the system from your SMARTPHONE. Choose between continuous, random or manual mode to customize your training experience. At top speed all five panels will open and close once every 5 seconds. The app allows parents to change the amount of time each panel stays open so younger players can learn at their own pace.  

  • High Strength Mounting Hardware

  • Power: Battery or Wall Outlet. Last for hours on 8 AA batteries (3 to 6+ hours depending on mode selected) so you’ll have plenty of juice if you use this during practice or a pickup game. If you’re just training in your driveway then you can plugin to a standard wall outlet.